Community Strategic Plan

What is the Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

The Community Strategic Plan is a plan for our community, guided and driven by our community. It is a 10 year picture of our collective visions and how we'll achieve them. Together, we work out our main priorities and aspirations.  At Council, we take a leading role in this, however, these are shared values and aspirations which aren't achieved by just one organisation working on their own. They are achieved by us all working together with involvement, at various times, by all levels of government, businesses, industry groups, community organisations and individuals. Partnerships are integral to achieving these shared values and visions.  

The themes within our existing CSP are:

  1. Our Community - Who we are
  2. Our Environment - Where we live
  3. Our Infrastructure - What we have built
  4. Our Economy - Creating our own opportunities
  5. Our Leadership - Looking to our future

How does the CSP inform Council’s activities?

The CSP is one of our most important documents because it guides our strategic and operational planning, resourcing and service delivery. It also ensures ongoing monitoring, evaluation and community engagement. Our Delivery Program, Operational Plan and Budget all use the CSP to make sure activities and programs meet community needs and expectations. Other key strategic documents are also intricately linked to the plan, such as the Resourcing Strategy, which takes in the 10-year Long Term Financial Plan Workforce Management Plan and Asset Management Plan. It also drives the Annual Report and the End of Term Report. 

Why is the CSP being reviewed?

At the commencement of each new Local Government term, the CSP is reviewed to make sure it's relevant and captures the aspirations of the whole community. In the previous term of Council, there was an unprecedented level of investment into infrastructure and capital projects. Additionally, as we all know, life has changed dramatically with the COVID pandemic. It's brought about a greater awareness and appreciation of many different facets of our daily lives. By reviewing the plan, we can take a good look at the existing plan, fine-tune it where necessary or even completely write a new plan or sections within it.

The community engagement process - how will my feedback be used?

Throughout February and March 2022, we gathered feedback through our various Council channels. We encouraged everyone to put forward your ideas and aspirations as we want this next plan to encompass all of our visions, particularly in this new environment we live in. We had a tremendous community reponse, particularly to the community survey. Your feedback was used to update the plan.

Download the draft Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032

We are now inviting members of the community to review the draft plan and provide comments. We are hoping to get another fantastic community response! The draft plan will be on public exhibition until 12 pm, Tuesday 24 May 2022. You can provide comments by emailing the General Manager, Mr John Scarce, at, dropping your suggested changes into any of our Council offices, or sending them to PO Box 96 Jerilderie NSW 2716.

What's next?

Community input received during the exhibition period will be incorporated into the draft plan. It will then be presented to the May Council Meeting for endorsement.