Development Applications

The first step in preparing a development application is to find out about Council's development controls, policies and guidelines. You will need to know about:

For more information about Planning or a copy of Darlington Point & Coleambally's  Development Control Plan  or Jerilderie's Development Control Plan  please contact one of Council's Environmental Services staff members.  

The Council's Environmental Services section are a team of committed professionals with extensive expertise in building regulations and construction, planning and heritage advice. So whether you're planning your dream home, proposing to develop a site, add to a business or subdivide your land, staff at Council can advise you at every stage of your project from design to completion. They can answer most procedural and fee enquiries over the phone, or over the counter if you call in personally. They will then refer you to the appropriate professional officers who can provide detailed advice regarding your development, building regulations and other matters that you will need to consider when preparing your development application.

If you have made any political donations and will be lodging an application with Council it is recommended you visit the following web site to gain more information.

For every property transaction you make, you need to think about tax implications. To help you to determine property related GST obligations, refer to the Property page on on the Australian Taxation Office website.

Complete the Development Application Form thoroughly

Obtain all necessary plans and other design drawing requirements
Ensure your Development Application is lodged with the correct information

  • Address
  • Lot & DP number
  • Builders name & address & licence No.
  • Estimated cost of development
  • Statement of Environmental Effects if necessary
  • Attach Fees based on cost of development (contact Council to determine the fee).

To determine if your proposed building project will be a Development Application or a Complying Development Application refer to the applicable Development Control Plan for your location or speak to one of Councils planning officers.

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