Our Council team

Our organisation is structured into four departments, one that reports directly to the General Manager, and three others, headed by Directors.

General Manager's Department: John Scarce

Core areas: executive and councillor support, media and communications, people and culture, workplace health and safety


Chief Financial Officer: Kaitlin Salzke
Core areas: revenue, banking, creditors, rates, procurement and stores, financial management, payroll

Director: Tom Dimec
Core areas: assets, RMCC contract (roads), maintenance, construction, building maintenance.

Planning, Community and Development
Director: Garry Stoll
Core areas: customer service, economic development and tourism, libraries, development assets, strategic planning, community services, environmental health, biosecurity

Our Corporate Values

Creativity | Teamwork | Innovation

We strive to deliver quality services and well-maintained facilities. We achieve this with strong, positive and trusted leadership that respects traditional principles and forward thinking, and through this, nurtures who we are, where we live and what we have built.

Our Staff Values

We have confidence in all cogs of the Council whell, which leads to efficiencies through a co-operative and collaborative approach.

We are open, honest and accountable and have great, and justifiable, pride in our work.

We work together and embrace a team environment  of inclusion, equality and open communication.

We genuinely respect each other and appreciate our individual skills, characters and backgrounds.

View our Workforce Management Strategy.