Our Leadership Group

Council's Leadership Group and their roles and responsibilities are listed below.

General Manager: John Scarce

Key responsibilities include executive and Councillor support; audit, risk and governance; media and communications; people and culture; subdivisions and project management.

Director of Infrastructure: Tom Dimec

Asset Management

Manager: Stephen Goodsall

Key responsibilities include building and asset maintenance and workplace health and safety.


Corporate and Community Services

Manager: Sue Mitchell

Key responsibilities include customer service; library services; community care and information services.



Economic Development

Manager: Kellie Dissegna

Key responsibilities include economic development and tourism.



Manager: Vicki Sutton

Key responsibilities include accounts payable and receivable, rates and revenues; payroll; stores and procurement; financial management and grant reporting.


Operations (Construction)

Manager (A/g): Justin Williams



Operations (Roads/Parks and Gardens/Town Maintenance)

Manager: vacant

Key responsibilities include road and roadside maintenance; water and sewage; grader maintenance; parks and gardens; town maintenance; stormwater and waste.

Planning and Environment

Manager: Kelly Tyson

Key responsibilities include development planning, strategic planning, building, health and environmental services, weeds and landfill.