NSW Food Business Notification

National food law, Food Safety Standard 3.2.2, requires that all food businesses in NSW notify the NSW Food Authority (the Authority) of their food activity details, unless those businesses are already licensed by the Authority.  For example, those businesses that are licensed under the NSW Food Production (Meat Food Safety Scheme) Regulation 2000, Food Production (Seafood Safety Scheme) Regulation 2001 or Food Production (Dairy Food Safety Scheme) Regulation 1999 do not need to Notify under this process as well.

Notification of food businesses allows the Authority to maintain a close relationship with all businesses.  For example it means you are informed and updated on changes to food legislation.

Since April 2004, new fines have been imposed for a business that have not notified the Authority of their activity.  Fines include $55 000 (maximum penalty) for single businesses and $275 000 (maximum penalty) for corporations (Section 100, NSW Food Act 2003).

Who is required to Notify?

Any business, enterprise or activity that involves handling of food intended for sale, or the sale of food must notify the Authority.  Regardless of whether the business, enterprise or activity concerned is of a commercial or community nature; or whether it involves the handling or sale of food on one occasion only, must by law notify the Authority.

For more information on who is required to notify please contact the NSW Food Authority.

Food Business Notification Form (PDF 233KB)

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