Public Notices

Digital Connectivity Survey

Are poor internet connections or mobile phone drops outs impacting on your business or lifestyle?

Murrumbidgee Council, together with 10 other councils in the Riverina and Murray district are collaborating to identify what connectivity issues exist.

We want to know what your experiences are with things like mobile phone blackspots, internet speed and how satisfied you are with your service.

We’ve developed a short questionnaire which should only take a few minutes to complete.

Please let us know your thoughts before 26 July. We’ll then collate all the feedback and get back to you with the findings of the survey.

With your help, the Riverina and Murray Joint Organisation will use the findings to create a picture of not only current needs, but where we would like to be in the future and present this to State and Federal Governments.



Septic Tank Inspections

High risk septic tanks will be being inspected in the coming months. Septic tanks and other effluent disposal systems in closely settled areas and along the Billabong, Colombo and Yanco Creeks will be inspected in the coming months.
The reason that those in closely settled areas and close to permanent water courses will be inspected is because they pose the highest potential risk to both human and environmental health.
Council will be charging a fee for this inspection.
After each inspection, Council’s officer may recommend some improvements that need to be made to minimise the risk to human & environmental health.  Some of the things that Council will be looking at include:

•    Effluent ponding at ground level.
•    Distance of disposal area from watercourse
•    Distance of disposal area from neighbours
•    Septic Tank size and construction

Got any questions?  Please feel free to give Council a call on 03 5886 1200