Food Safety

Food premises are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

The Food Safety Standards set out a framework for controlling potential threats to food safety. All food businesses are required by the standards to notify the following details to the relevant authority - Murrumbidgee Council. These details include the proprietor's name and address, the nature of the food business and the location of all food premises used by the business.

Food Safety Standards website
Food Authority Website

FACT SHEET - Prevention & Minimisation of Rodent Activity in Food Businesses

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Food Handling

The NSW food service and retail food industries are regulated by the Food Standards Code which sets out the standards for food and food businesses.

NSW Food Business Notification

National food law, Food Safety Standard 3.2.2, requires that all food businesses in NSW notify the NSW Food Authority (the Authority) of their food activity details, unless those businesses are already licensed by the Authority.