Trade Waste

What is liquid trade waste?

Liquid trade waste is defined in the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 as below:

Liquid trade waste means all liquid waste other than sewage of a domestic nature.

Liquid trade waste discharges to the sewerage system include liquid wastes from:

  • business/commercial premises (eg. beautician, florist, hairdresser, hotel, motel, restaurant, butcher, service station, supermarket, dentist)
  • community/public premises (including craft club, school, college, university, hospital and nursing home)
  • industrial premises
  • trade activities (eg. mobile carpet cleaner)
  • any commercial activities carried out at a residential premises
  • saleyards, racecourses and from stables and kennels that are not associated with domestic households
  • septic tank waste, chemical toilet waste, waste from marine pump-out facilities and established sites for the discharge of pan content from mobile homes/caravans to the sewerage system.

If your business or facility includes any of the activities above you will be required to fill out a Liquid Trade Waste Application Form.

For further details contact Council, alternatively, our Liquid Trade Waste Regulation Policy can be viewed on our policies page.