Congratulations to Australia Day Award recipients - Coleambally and Darlington Point

The recipients of this year’s Australia Day Awards for Coleambally are:

  • Citizen of the Year: Monika Burgess
  • Young Citizen of the Year: Danielle Mannes
  • Sportsperson of the Year:  Phoebe White
  • Junior Sportsperson: Laura Mannes
  • Sub-junior Sportsperson: Dallas Hickey
  • Sporting Team of the Year: Coleambally Bowling Club Men’s Pennant Team
  • Cultural Award: Lucy Bolton
  • Event of the Year: Toby Price Challenge

Pictured (Back) L-R Australia Day Ambassador Warren Potent, Young Citizen of the Year Danielle Mannes, Event of the Year Stephen Hardy Toby Price Challenge, Mayor Ruth McRae, Ian Sutherland Coleambally Bowling Club Men’s Pennant Team, Junior Sportsperson Laura Mannes. (Front) Sportsperson of the Year Phoebe White, Sub-junior Sportsperson Dallas Hickey, Cultural Awards Lucy Bolton. Absent: Citizen of the Year Monika Burgess.

Coleambally Australia Day Committee Chair Penny Sheppard warmly congratulated the recipients and nominees.

Mrs Sheppard said each and every one of you are amazing. You all play an important part in making Coleambally such a wonderful place to live.

“You have done yourselves and your community proud and it is a great honour that you have been recognised for your exceptional achievements,” Mrs Sheppard said.

The recipients of the 2020 Australia Day Awards for Darlington Point are:

  • Citizen of the Year: Tegan Volleberg and Annie Mitchell (tied)
  • Young Citizen of the Year: Shania Hughes
  • Junior Sportsperson of the Year: Thomas Fattore
  • Sporting Team of the Year: Darlington Point/Coleambally First Grade Rugby League Team
  • Event/Group Achievement of the Year – 2RG Sunshine Club – Darlington Point Branch

Pictured (Back) L-R Australia Day Ambassador Warren Potent, Group Achievement of the Year 2RG Sunshine Club Sue Porter, Citizen of the Year (joint) Tegan Volleberg, Mayor Ruth McRae. (Front) Sporting Team of the Year Darlington Point/Coleambally First Grade Rugby League Team Cindy Eldridge, Citizen of the Year (joint) Annie Mitchell and Young Citizen of the Year Shania Hughes. Absent: Junior Sportsperson of theYear, Thomas Fattore.

Murrumbidgee Council Mayor Ruth McRae congratulated all of the recipients on their awards.

Cr McRae said the recipients should all be very proud of their achievements. It’s a terrific honour to be recognised by your peers and the community.

“You have all made a big difference to the community. Whether it be in a voluntary capacity, such as our Citizen of the Year, Monika Burgess, or on the sporting field, like our Sportsperson of the Year, Phoebe White.

“I also congratulate all those who were nominated because that in itself is a great achievement and shows just how big a mark you have made on your community”.

“I’d like to thank this year’s Australia Day Ambassador, Warren Potent, who has so generously given his time.

“I hope Mr Potent and his partner have enjoyed their trip to regional NSW”.

Cr McRae thanked the Australia Day committees at Coleambally and Darlington Point who have worked so hard to make the Australia Day events a reality.


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