Murrumbidgee Council to update rural addressing signage

26 November 2020

Murrumbidgee Council will update the rural addressing signage across the area to make sure all properties can be easily identified, especially in the case of an emergency.

Murrumbidgee Council General Manager John Scarce said rural addressing using the numbering system has been in place for some time and some property numbers have deteriorated in the weather.

Mr Scarce said we have implemented a program to pay the cost to replace rural addressing signage as we want to make sure the numbers can been easily seen and properties can be located.

“In times such as an emergency, it’s absolutely crucial that a property number is easily visible,” he said.

Council will undertake the replacement program in June and December each year.

Residents are asked to contact Council on 1300 676 243 if their property number needs replacing. Council will meet the cost of the new numbers.

“We are asking residents to put the new numbers up themselves, however, if anyone would like Council to do this for them, we can do so for a fee.

“We would also like people to keep an eye on their signage to make sure that it’s not obscured by vegetation. It is the landholder’s responsibility to maintain the vegetation so there’s nothing covering the signage up,” Mr Scarce said.

Rural Addressing is a simple method of identifying, locating and addressing properties in rural areas throughout Australia.

The numbers are determined by the NSW Government using geographic information systems and aerial photography.

It is based on the distance of the property entrance from the assigned starting (or datum) point of the road.

The rural address number is assigned in a logical sequence based on the distance of the access of the property from the start of a road. Each number represents 10 metres in length, with odd numbers assigned on the left and even numbers allocated on the right from the start of the road.

The name of the property is still used in conjunction with the rural address number.

For more information, please contact Council’s Asset Manager, Stephen Goodsall on 1300 676 243 or email