Septic Tanks

On-site sewerage management systems are essential for treating and disposing of wastewater generated on a property not serviced by Council sewerage infrastructure. These systems, including septic tanks and composting toilets, are wastewater treatment plants and effluent disposal areas that treat and dispose of the sewerage within the property's boundaries. These systems are required in areas not serviced by Council sewerage infrastructure. We oversee new installations, modifications, and complaints about effluent run-off.

Properly maintained systems protect public health and the environment. Property owners are responsible for ensuring their system is approved and functioning correctly, as neglected systems can pose health risks and harm the environment.

To help manage these systems, we have an On-site Sewage Management Plan. It is also available for viewing at any of our offices. This information is also useful: Recommended specifications for your septic tank.

You must obtain approval from us to install, operate, or modify a septic system. These are the forms you need:

  1. Application for approval to operate a septic tank system

After you obtain these approvals, we will carry out regular inspections to make sure the system is working properly. Councils can charge inspection fees for this service.

Please contact us on 1300 676 243 or at if you have any questions about the on-site sewerage system requirements.

You can also consult The Easy Septic Guide or the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment – Water website which includes helpful information and resources about sewage management.