Septics - On Site Sewage Management Plan

Effective management of domestic sewage and wastewater is an important consideration for the public health of Murrumbidgee Council residents and the environment. It requires the active involvement of both the Council and landholders.

Management of sewerage on-site will not be seen as the simple disposal of an unwanted nuisance. Wastewater, including the nutrients and organic matter it contains, will be managed appropriately and used whenever possible.

The On- Site Sewage Management Plan can be viewed here.

This Management Plan has been developed to help Council assess, regulate and manage the selection, design, installation, operation and maintenance of on-site sewage management systems. The Plan may also be useful to householders, developers and others who wish to reside in the Murrumbidgee Council area.

This Management Plan draws upon the principles, technical data and overall advice contained in the publication "Environment and Health Protection Guidelines - On Site Sewage Management for Single Households"[1][1]. 

This publication is also available at the Murrumbidgee Council offices.

Septic Tank Application Form
Septic Tank Installation Requirements

[1] These guidelines have been developed by the Department of Local Government, NSW Health, the EPA, the Department of Land and Water Conservation and the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning. The Guidelines were published by the NSW Department of Local Government