Plumbers & Drainers

In accordance with the Australian Building Code and Plumbing Code of Australia, all plumbing and gas work now requires the following forms to be submitted by plumbers, drainers and gas fitters:

  • Notice of Work is to be issued to Council no later than 2 business days before the work concerned is carried out.
  • Certificate of Compliance is to be issued to Council and to the person for whom the work was carried out, on completion of the final inspection.
  • Sewer Service Diagram is to be issued to Council and the owner of the land or the owners agent.

A copy of the required forms can be downloaded below:

Combined Notice of Work and Certificate of Compliance form for Plumbing & Drainage (Please note, this form will autofill any details you type into the first page onto the proceeding pages, i.e. address and name details)

Gas Supply Certificate of Compliance form

Sewerage Diagram Template

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