Frequently Asked Questions


Jerilderie Aerodrome Statistics

  • The airstrip is an authorised landing area.
  • Agricultural planes may be using the strip during spray season
  • The strip has a bitumen surface – 1,138 metres in length by 15 metres in width – with gravel sides.
  • The overall clearance is 61 metres.
  • The elevation is approximately 110 metres above sea level.
  • The strip is unlit and without emergency equipment.
  • There is fuel and a telephone available at the hanger.
  • The airstrip is located approximately 1 kilometre south of the township of Jerilderie,
  • Latitude 35o 22’, longitude 145o 43’  (-35.367o ; 145.733o)
  • Runway direction is 6omagnetic – 01/19
  • Windsock location is north / western side of the strip


Barking Dogs

If you are being disturbed by barking dogs, it is best to talk to the owner to try to resolve the issue.  Owners are required to control their dogs and ensure that they don’t create a nuisance.

If the problem persists, you can contact the Council, who will  investigate the matter . If the complaint is found to be valid, Council will try to resolve the issue by talking to both parties to reach an  agreement as to how the matter will be managed.

In cases where the owner of a barking dog is not willing to take steps to rectify the matter, Council can issue an order or direction on the owner to take certain steps to prevent the dogs barking.  Fines can be issued and  In cases where dogs are dangerous or menacing, the dogs can   be seized

If you are an owner of a barking dog, Council can provide a useful brochure with tips and advice on dealing with the issue, alternatively you can visit


Council Meetings

When is the next Council Meeting?


Fire (including Total Fire Ban Days and Permits)

Is it a Total Fire Ban today?
Select 18 Southern Riverina for Jerilderie and surrounds

Select 19 Northern Riverina for Darlington Point and Coleambally and surrounds

Total Fire Ban Rules and Permit Requirements



When is the Library Open?

Visit the Library page for opening hours


Neighbourhood Noise

If your neighbour is causing noise that is annoying to you, it is best to talk to them about it to try to resolve the issue together. Often people do not realise how loud they are being and are happy to turn down or stop the noise.

Time-of-day noise restrictions

The Table below shows the times when certain activities can be carried out.  During these times, noise should not be able to be heard in a habitable room in another residence.

Power tools, Pumps, Lawn Mowers

Before 8am or after 8pm on any Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, or
Before 7am or after 8pm on any other day

Musical instruments or electrically amplified sound equipment

Before 8am or after midnight on Friday, Saturday or any day immediately before a public holiday, or
Before 8am or after 10pm on any other day

Motor vehicles (except when entering or leaving residential premises)

Before 8am or after 8pm on any Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, or
Before 7am or after 8pm on any other day


Overgrown Vegetation & Fire Hazard Reduction

Council undertake regular surveillance of the Village areas to ensure the safety and amenity of the area is being maintained.

Council encourages all residents to regularly maintain their yards, front and rear, including removal of weeds, cutting of grass and removal of debris and other unsightly objects. These works help to improve the amenity of our villages and also ensure the safety of your own property and your neighbours from fire hazard and harbouring of rodents, insects and/or reptiles.

If you notice a property that is unkempt or a possible fire hazad please contact Council.



When are my rates due?

1st instalment of rates is due end of August   
2nd instalment is due end of November  
3rd instalment is due end of February  
4th installment is due end of May


Road Closures

In the event of flooding, accidents or roadwork, road closure within NSW and VIC can be obtained by visiting the websites below

RMS Live Traffic NSW

Vic Traffic



When is garbage collection day?

Visit the Garbage & Recycling page for collection days for each town

When is the Tip Open?

Visit the Waste Disposal Centre Opening Hours page for details

On Days of total fire ban, the Centre will be open for the first hour only.

Is it a Total Fire Ban today in the Southern Riverina region?