Tree Care For Safety's Sake

Work to ensure the Darlington Point Caravan Park is a safer place to visit, has been carried out.

Murrumbidgee Council secured the services of Wade Ryan Contracting to undertake a thorough assessment of trees within the caravan park.

As a result of the comprehensive evaluation, around 100 trees were found to require attention.

Murrumbidgee Council General Manager, Craig Moffitt said, this significant body of work was in line with current safety standards.

“Trees are a most valuable asset and necessary part of both the urban and natural environment. They provide numerous benefits to the biodiversity and ecology of any area,” he said.

“It was important to have the trees evaluated so that we could establish the risks to person and property safety.

“This work is part of Council’s management process and it is going to help make it a safer and nicer place to camp.”

The in-depth assessment found that 60 per cent of the tree population in the Park was remnant River Red Gum and about 30 per cent London Plane.

Of the 100 trees examined, some had to be removed while others only required pruning.

Work commenced in April and was completed last week.