Input Needed for Flood Study

27 March 2017 - Media Release

In an effort to reduce the impact of future floods in and around Darlington Point, Murrumbidgee Council is carrying out a comprehensive study.

The Murrumbidgee River has a long history of major flooding and in order to plan ahead, last month Council appointed BMT WBM Pty Ltd to complete a study and they are now seeking the community’s help to better understand the risks in and around the town.

This includes the Murrumbidgee River and adjacent floodplains, as well as the local rainfall and runoff occurring behind the levee that can become trapped when the river is up. Council has also acknowledged recent community feedback at various briefings, with North Darlington Point recognised as an important part of the study.  

 “The success of the flood planning in the Darlington Point area hinges on the community’s input,” Administrator Austin Evans said.

“The main objective of the study is to characterise the flooding behaviour in and around the town, describing in detail the potential flood inundation extents, peak water levels, depths and velocities across the floodplain for a range of flood magnitudes.

“The information that local residents have about previous flooding is going to be instrumental in this study.”

Those residents, who have information about previous floods, including photos and video footage, are being urged to pass it on to Council or to complete a questionnaire that is being mailed out this week.

Historically the most significant flood events occurred in 1891, 1956 and 1974 and more recently the major events in 2010, 2012 and 2016.

The results of the flood study will be used to provide more effective flood planning in Darlington Point and assist Council in setting appropriate levels for future development control, identifying potential works to reduce existing flooding and improving flood emergency response and recovery.

Following completion of the modelling assessments a community information session will be held to present results and provide further opportunity for feedback from the community.

For further information about the Darlington Point Flood Study, or to provide any information residents may feel is relevant, please contact Council on 1300 676 243 or BMT WBM Consultants 4940 8882.