Communications Link Takes Shape

A reliable data communications link across the Murrumbidgee Council area is starting to take shape.

On Tuesday a 50 metre telecommunications tower was lifted into place, marking the physical start of construction of a microwave Wide Area Network (WAN).

Council awarded the contract to build the data network between the towns of Jerilderie, Coleambally and Darlington Point to ATI Australia Pty Ltd in February.

The contract was to design, supply, build and install a data communications link between the three branch offices.

This is a major project for the new Council and marks a significant step forward in providing improved connectivity and the ability to enhance the computer network.

The Bundure tower, located halfway between Coleambally and Jerilderie, was erected on Tuesday 11 July.

Administrator Austin Evans said when fully complete, the new communications link will provide a unified corporate data network to support the use of information management systems and software across the whole Council area.

“Council operates from three different locations across the area so a reliable communication network is essential,” Mr Evans said.

 “Establishing the data communications link is a significant milestone in the merging of the two former Councils.

“This new link between the towns will provide staff access to a wide range of technical systems, applications and information required to provide consistent level of service to the community from any of Council’s locations.

“This tower also has the potential to attract a carrier to improve mobile coverage in the area, helping eliminate a notorious black spot. This is something Council is working on achieving.”

The project, including the new infrastructure has been funded from the $5 million made available to Council by the NSW Government for merger costs.

In collaboration with Council the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has agreed to co-fund work to strengthen an existing tower at Coleambally. They will contribute $60,000 towards the project, which will enable enhanced communication between their offices.

Additional equipment will also be added to an existing RFS tower at Jerilderie and a monopole will also be constructed in Darlington Point.