Environmental Services

Environmental Services Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Environmental Services Department are many and varied including:

  • Environmental Planning
  • Building Control
  • Health
  • Property Maintenance
  • Environmental Protection
  • Sports Centre
  • Swimming Pools
  • Civic Hall Hire
  • Waste Management

Fruit Fly Awareness Programme

The Tri-State Fruit Fly Committee represents fruit industries in the quarantine areas of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Public Health

National food law, Food Safety Standard 3.2.2, requires that all food businesses in NSW notify the NSW Food Authority (the Authority) of their food...

Priority Weeds

Council continues to pay close attention to the control and eradication of noxious plants throughout the Shire.

Private Swimming Pools & Pool Safety

From 29 April 2013, pool owners are required to register their backyard swimming pools in an online register to be provided by the NSW State Government. Visit the register website at www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au and follow the easy registration steps.

Swimming pool registration is free. If you can’t access the online register after 29 April 2013, please contact Council for assistance.

Are you selling, buying or leasing a property with a pool or spa? 

From 29 April 2016, all properties with a swimming pool or spa pool that are sold or leased must have a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance.

Septics - Onsite Sewage Management

Effective management of domestic sewage and wastewater is an important consideration for the public...

Waste & Recycling

Local domestic recycling rates are well below state averages. Recycling rates for Commercial & Industrial and Construction & Demolition...