Becoming a Councillor

Local Government Elections are held every 4 years with the election of 9 Councillors for Murrumbidgee Council. Due to the recent amalgamations, the next election is scheduled for September 2017.

Councillors are elected by their local community to represent community views on Council, provide leadership and make sure local needs are met. They do this by directing Council's affairs, allocating resources for the benefit of the local area, developing policies and reviewing Council's performance in relation to delivering services and other matters.

Being a Councillor can be rewarding because it provides an opportunity to: 

· Make decisions that help people within the local community;

· Influence the long term, strategic direction of a local community;

· Learn new skills such as public speaking and advocacy;

· Work with a diverse range of  people on a diverse range of issues.

If you are interested in standing for Council please visit the NSW Electoral Commissions page on their website ‘Information for Candidates & Groups’ for information on becoming a candidate below: