Supporting Information for Submissions

We have been asked by members of our community what points they should raise when making a submission on the proposed amalgamations of Jerilderie Shire with Murrumbidgee and Berrigan Shires. Below is a list of impacts that will affect our community if these proposed amalgamations go ahead.

Ask yourself the following questions, and think about the impacts:

With Jerilderie Shire Council being the largest employer in the Shire, will our community sustainability be compromised? YES IS THE ANSWER!

  • Loss of staff is very real possibility (anywhere from 15-25 jobs could be lost)
  • Loss of town economy through wages not spent in town, as caused by reduction in staffing
  • Loss of town economy through reduced spending by Council (Jerilderie Shire Council estimates it spends $815,000 per annum in Jerilderie)
  • Loss of social and community structure through reduction in staffing
  • Loss of services such as supermarket and butcher and plumber and chemist and doctor and ambulance
  • Loss of children to our schools and pre schools through families moving away
  • Loss of sporting clubs such as Football and Netball Club
  • Loss of Bank due to insufficient business

It is a fact that these proposals will result in your community being disadvantaged through minimal or non-existent Councillor representation. What effect do you think this will have on you and your community?

What can you expect from a merged Council? The following are real possibilities:

  • Reduced services and local service delivery
  • Differing levels of services across newly formed Council area
  • Reduction in expenditure on local projects
  • No partnership between new entity and local businesses and communities

What will happen to the level of support Council provides to it's community? For example, Council currently provides:

  • 100 meg high security water to Lake Jerilderie
  • Interest free loans to sporting clubs
  • Administrative support
  • Maintenance of Monash Park oval and buildings for Football, Netball and Cricket Clubs
  • Parks and gardens maintenance; and
  • Collaborative efforts with Jerilderie Tidy Towns to beautify our town

What will happen to our volunteers should these Council support services, which we take for granted, be reduced or stopped? Volunteering, in our community is indicated 36% which is more then twice the level of NSW on average (17%). Can our volunteers cope with supporting more community activities? They are already stretched to their limits.

Council's support for our local Doctor must not be reduced. We can not survive without a full time Doctor. And thanks to having a long term Doctor, we now have a Chemist. We can not afford to lose those essential services. However, realistically this could happen if the split/mergers go ahead. The loss of people and expenditure in our community will impact on all services!

Think about what past Governments have done to rural communities - removed services and downgraded hospitals, taken our irrigation water, closed works depots, reduced tertiary education services, and the list goes on.


Write a submission. It need only to be a couple of lines, and add your name, address and contact details. Use some or all of the points outlined above. No doubt you can think of many other detrimental effects these proposals will have on our wonderful town and Shire (or you may also think of some positives?)

Submissions need only be simple and in straight forward terms.

Visit this page to find out how to make submission

If you need any assistance with submitting your proposals online, please call into the Shire Office or Library.

If you need help with writing your submission, workshops are being held at the Library on Wednesday 24th February, 1:00pm and 7:00pm.